Values, Mission and Purpose

Start with Why

Our Values

Zephyr is founded on core values that shape our work culture and attitude to both work and play. These are summarised as:

  1. We are a breath of fresh air; to our clients and to our people.

The above is more than a tagline. We strive to ensure that our clients experience a very different, positive experience through working with us. We look to ‘do different’ through questioning what has come before and setting innovation at the core of what we do. What was regarded as excellence / best practice last year is entry-level this year. 

We recognise that to attract and retain the best teams in the business, we need to provide our people with the most flexible, progressive and innovative workplace. We will set the bar for the rest in our industry to emulate. But we don’t want to stop there, we want to drive innovation that leads to continual improvement.

2. People, Planet, Profit. In that order.

We acknowledge that our business is a function of the people that work within it and we will enable their professional development and growth. We also recognise that our business has a wider responsibility to the societies in which we operate. We will look to be progressive in our activities and to further social causes both within and external to our work.

If the work that we do and the manner in which we complete it does not ultimately leave the place better than we found it, we need to stop doing it.

We expect profit; it is the life-blood of the company, but it does not come at the expense of the other two aspects. Profit enables us, and our people to grow, and to achieve our reward and recognition aims. 

3. We look for the Win-Win in everything we do.

We will always strive for a positive experience / outcome between Zephyr and our clients.

We also look for the Win-Win in all our dealings. If we encounter a ‘zero-sum game’ we re-think the problem to find the Win-Win.

4. We take fun seriously.

Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy. If, on balance, we are not enjoying what we do, we will make changes to ensure that we do. We recognise that downtime, and play, is as important to us as work. It is ultimately consistent with Value 3.

5. We look after each other

Fairly self-explanatory. Whether it is going the extra mile to help our team members with a challenging deliverable, or checking in on our colleague’s wellbeing; we act as one team.  

Our Mission

Within five years, we will enjoy an international reputation for excellence within our chosen niche.

Our Purpose

To do the best we can with the time we have.

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