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Stimulating conversations in the sectors we operate in

We facilitate industry roundtables, webinars and other public-facing events. We also present our work at technical conferences and produce whitepapers and other resources. You can access these company resources below:


To coincide with COP26, Zephyr facilitated an Industry Roundtable on reducing carbon in manufacturing and materials. Three industry leaders / experts discuss the following areas:

  • Monica Richter, Director at MECLA (Materials & Embodied Carbon Leaders’ Alliance); - main focus Materials / Embodied Carbon

  • Toby Gray, General Manager - Sustainability Ratings and Delivery - Infrastructure Sustainability Council - main focus Green Steel

  • Greg Johnson, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Boral Cement - main focus Green Cement & the Path to Net Zero

This video will be of interest to: 

  • Industry participants embarking on decarbonisation pathways

  • Those looking to understand and reduce emissions from supply / value chains

  • Anyone who procures / specifies products in the hard-to-abate sectors

  • Professionals with an interest in the low-carbon future.

Access a recording of this here.

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